Keeping Up With Luxury Travel

 If there is a travel segment traditionally alien to the crisis, this is luxury tourism . However, to be able to approach and work in any discipline, segment or niche market, the first thing to do is to really know the configuration and state of play. At The Blueroom Project, in addition to our long experience in the field, we have asked ourselves this question and we have transferred it to the professional tourism sector in the form of a survey carried out at the end of 2017 by tour operators, travel agencies, hotels, airlines, cruise companies, MICE companies and tourism offices, obtaining 120 responses from executives in the areas of booking, sales / promotion, marketing & PR and management.   What is Luxury Travel? According to the answers of these experts, "a luxury trip is determined by the uniqueness and exclusivity of the experience and by the personalization of the services".   First, the destination As stated in the surv

Luxury Travel Can Only Get Better

  As the pandemic lingers on, new restrictions get imposed, and lockdowns evolve, proximity travel continues to remain the focus for a lot of Europeans. The United States has many travelling interstates and Australia has had an increase of spending on luxury goods. Here are some of the lessons we've learned along the way. Carmen's luxury travel is one site offering fantastic ideas on luxury travel and how to get the best deals. 1. Innovate While luxury travel may have been more for privacy in the past, a lot of people are looking to get even more immersed in their travels. They want to get fully immersed in the brands they're buying and the cultures they experience. Businesses in the travel industry need to be capable of delivering this type of authentic experience. The shift towards high-quality craftsmanship is key. Also, authenticity and telling a good story will both be important aspects of succeeding in today's marketplace. You need to welcome cl

Why Luxury Travel?

  We all dream of that magical getaway to some far distant paradise and would like to be pampered and treated well with all the luxuries we can conure up in our minds but where do we start and is it only for those who have very healthy banks accounts? Read on... As travel has evolved over the years, it doesn't mean you have to break the bank to be able to afford to have a taste of luxury travel. In fact, there are people who specialise in getting the best affordable deals around the globe to suit your pocket and taste. There are still far flung places that are still untouched and offer refined luxuries that only a few have had the pleasure of experiencing and it's just a matter of doing your research and knowing what to look for. Alternatively, websites such as carmen's luxury travel can give you fantastic ideas and even offer tips on how to do it. There are also agents who specialise in luxury travel and for a fee, can give you many options to go with what budget you have.

What Is Luxury Travel?

When it comes to luxury, restaurant, hotels, and tour operators around the world increasingly improve their services to provide their customers unique experiences. But what exactly defines Luxury Travel ? So, how do you define luxury travel?   One traveller's luxury is another’s ordinary, and this means people's perspectives of what makes travel luxurious can vary a lot. For some travelers, white-glove service and a private butler are mandatory, while for others luxury is a bed with a breath-taking view over a beach, or even an escape to an isolated place, far from the busy and noisy cities.  Most of us associate luxury to something expensive, but it you don't actually need to break the bank to get access to five-star treatment. The trick is to find a travel destination that provides luxury holidays possibilities and, at the same time, offers great value deals. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's cheap. C heap has a strong connotation with low quality and th