Luxury Travel Can Only Get Better


As the pandemic lingers on, new restrictions get imposed, and lockdowns evolve, proximity travel continues to remain the focus for a lot of Europeans.

The United States has many travelling interstates and Australia has had an increase of spending on luxury goods. Here are some of the lessons we've learned along the way.

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1. Innovate

While luxury travel may have been more for privacy in the past, a lot of people are looking to get even more immersed in their travels.

They want to get fully immersed in the brands they're buying and the cultures they experience.

Businesses in the travel industry need to be capable of delivering this type of authentic experience. The shift towards high-quality craftsmanship is key. Also, authenticity and telling a good story will both be important aspects of succeeding in today's marketplace. You need to welcome clients as soon as they step foot in your lobby and provide them with a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

2. Digital

You'll find more and more wealthy digital nomads travelling the globe. They continue to merge their work with pleasure. It's not necessarily about focusing on working holidays, but rather, understanding that a lot of customers are now merging their lifestyles into one.

They can work from various locales and they can mix their time with the business. Because many of them want to spend more time in a single location, they'll need all the resources at their disposal to do it.

The Bahamas is a place that's offering a 2-year live-work visa programme for these kinds of digital nomads. Will more countries continue to transform their borders by adapting to the digital lifestyle?

3. More

More and more clients are looking to connect with their families and spend time together. They want to bring along their favourite people along for the ride.

This isn't isolated to only family. This includes everyone from their therapists to their hairstylists and therefore focusing more on health and their well-being.

The pandemic has caused luxury travellers to think differently and to want more physical activity at the places they visit.

4. More Conscience

Millennials may be earning good salaries or even launching businesses themselves but they don't necessarily view money in the same way as older generations.

They would rather use their money for social good and because of this, brands need to do the same. They need to integrate the same philosophies into their own travel experiences.

A good example is a hotel offering a black experience. That is an experience that is tailored to minorities who may have felt unwanted or undeserving at other luxury destinations purely because of the colour of their skin.

5. New Frontiers

After countless months in isolation and lockdown, a lot of consumers want to be able to travel as they want. They want to enjoy brand new adventures and do things they've never dreamed of doing.

It's opened their imaginations and the possibilities they want to take part in. Luxury destinations are no longer limited to this Earth. There are luxury travel agencies like Virgin Galactic that are dedicated to space tourism.

The sky is no longer the limit when it comes to travel!


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